Improving Lives through Education

Voyager Learning provides innovative, evidence-based solutions and professional development services to preK – 12 students and their teachers. They help educators meet and exceed their goals for student achievement while empowering students to excel in reading and math. Their programs are used by more than 1,000 school systems all over the United States but after performing an internal audit with the help of Sulzer, they decided they needed help re-vitalizing their brand to successfully show educators and administrators that Voyager had proven results in raising literacy and math scores.

Expect Results

During our meetings with Voyager’s top brass we heard one word repeated over and over, Results. Voyager products were proven to improve students’ literacy and math scores and educators needed to know. Sulzer developed the tag line, “Expect Results” to serve as a brand message throughout all marketing and communications materials. From the product brochures to the PowerPoint presentations, ad campaigns, and all print, digital and video communications, Sulzer made sure that when educators that Voyager products produce results.


We would highly recommend Sulzer Inc. for any branding and communications project. They were very diligent in their initial brand analysis and audit. Michelle was able to truly understand our competitors, industry, and market, and built a brand strategy that set us apart in an extremely competitive market. Sulzer took care of all of our needs, was reliable, conscious of our timelines, and I highly recommend this talented and passionate team.

Kerry Goldstein, CMO, Voyager Learning

Consistent Brand | Consistent Campaigns

Voyager’s educational products are used by more than 1,000 school districts nationwide and often they need to create brands within their brand. Sulzer gave them the tools and guidelines to create logos and campaigns for regionally specific programs that still fit under Voyager’s overall brand identity.

Reaching Educators

One of Voyager’s main tools of communication was a bi-monthly magazine Voyager Connections. Sulzer redesigned the layout and the feel of the magazine to fit with Voyager’s overall branding guidelines. Sulzer’s fresh, new layout ensured Voyager’s message reached its target audiences.

Digital Knowledge

Sulzer designed a website that reinforced the Expect Results campaign. Teachers and administrators were easily able to navigate through the site to read success stories and to find out how Voyager could help them enhance their classroom teaching and improve literacy and math skills.